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Our Noble Background

Recently, the Longueval Research Project has established the connection, through Anne Couvent, into the royalty database. This site includes that ancestry. Anne Couvent is in your ancestry, have fun loking at some of our famous and infamous ancestors.

  • Here are some links showing noble ancestors as they are related to me

    Please note: this is not complete and is included for the user to see their potential relationship to past nobility The nobility database is far from the primary focus of the site and will not be supported other than the correction of errors.

    Welcome to the genealogy site devoted to Voyer and Bedard ancestry. Why Voyer and Bedard? My father was a Voyer. My mother a Bedard I believe that this is the largest compilation of Voyers with 4000+ and 24,000+ Bedards. I hope that it will be useful to those looking for their heritage.

    I am indebted to my cousin Jacqueline TIERNAN Poudrier for her tireless research and contributions to this site.

    If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

    DNA Genealogy

    DNA technology allows us another way to investigate our ancestry, especially with regard to lines that have been difficult or even impossible to resolve as is our case with the lack of records in France.

    There are many ways to test and analyze DNA, but there are two particular kinds of DNA testing that are especially useful in genealogy: Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) testing and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing. The genealogical usefulness of these two DNA tests is based on two aspects of human inheritance:
    1. that the Y chromosome is passed on only by the father
    2. that mitochondria are passed on only by the mother
    3. Both a VOYER and a BEDARD DNA project have been created and can reached through the links below. Please make sure that the person submitted for DNA tests is in our dtabase so that we can determine the earliest ancestor. If you are submitting for a mitochondrial DNA test, please contact us so that we can attempt to trace your maternal pedigree.

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    Can You Help?

    Can you make yourself available to translate correspondence and site content into French?.

    Do you read the Obituaries? If you find BEDARD and VOYER obituaries (links or scans)?

    Are you a BEDARD or VOYER and not in our database?

    Are you interested in being part of the site research or development team?

    please contact us..